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Gymrenter helps coaches, trainers, and instructors connect with local gyms. It is the fastest and easiest way to search for, and rent gym space.


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I have my own basketball training business, and Gymrenter makes finding and booking gyms super simple.

Brian M. - Basketball Trainer

I am always looking for space to hold special yoga trainings, and this site makes the search easy.

Marley J. - Yoga Instructor

I coach a youth basketball team, and finding gym space has always been a hassle...until now.

Coach Tony - Basketball Coach

Finding clients is easy. Finding a gym is the challenge. Gymrenter makes it really convenient to locate and book available gym space.

James Y - Volleyball Instructor

Frequently Asked Questions

Gym owners set the rental price for each gym. A small 10% service fee is added on to the total which enables the Gymrenter site to maintain services.

Each gym owner is responsible for setting the terms of the rental. In some cases liability insurance will be required. In others, and liability waiver may be acceptable.

If the gym owner cancels your rental, the gym owner will be responsible for refunding the total rental costs, including the service fee.

If a client cancels more than 48-hours prior to the agreed rental time, the gym owner provide a full refund of the rental rate, minus the service fee. If they cancel less than 48-hours prior to the agreed rental time, their rental fees are non-refundable.